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FMRTE v4.3 beta saiu

Guest Coutinho

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FMRTE v4.3 - Unofficial release

Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20116671/FMRTE+-+v4.3.rar


* Changed the way versions are numbered, now the minor version number will match the latest game patch, so now its 4.3

* Added support for 11.3 Patch STEAM and DVD version

* Fixed some bugs in players freezer, that was causing, in some cases FMRTE to load attributes on wrong players

* Removed DeskMetrics analytics system


- This version was tested with DVD and STEAM version, but other digital download version should be working...

coloquei aqui so para galera ver q saiu um beta!

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Tava precisando!

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pq que eu nao consigo ver o atributo atravesdo mini FMRTE ao clicar em um staff no jogo

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