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FM09 Utilities

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FM09 Utilities

Buy Price

Adds an extra panel that shows you the amount the club will sell the player for.

It is an addition which adds new panel in the game. It displays real price for which we can buy the player. It is an inaccessible option in any editor, because of the new modified transfer engine.

Installation manual:

1. Download the file.

2. Extract it to: "C:\Documents and Settings\*****\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\panels".

3. Run FM 2009.

4. Switch off skin cache and reload it.

5. Enter a randomly chosen team -> View mode -> Transfers.

6. Enjoy new panel.

CM Rev Attribute Colours Changer 2

The application CM Revolution Attribute Colours Changer 2 (ACC) allows to easily change the colours of the attributes in Football Manager 2009 (in the future also in FM 2008). It can be an extremely useful tool for skinmakers and other gamers.

New version: ACC 2 beta 5

Redistribution Agreement: Free To Redistribute

7 Star Coaches (outdated 9.2 patch only)

Search filters for the staff search screen that will hopefully allow you to get all 7 stars in training.

Based on the attributes provided by 007femi

Strength: 18 Fitness

Aerobic: 18 Fitness

Goalkeeping: 18 Goalkeeping

Tactics: 18 Tactical

Defending: 18 Defending and 18 Tactical

or 19 Defending and 14 Tactical

or 20 Defending and 10 Tactical

Ball Control: 18 Technique and 18 Mental

or 19 Technique and 14 Mental

or 20 Technique and 10 Mental

Attacking: 18 Attacking and 18 Tactical

or 19 Attacking and 14 Tactical

or 20 Attacking and 10 Tactical

Shooting: 18 Technique and 18 Attacking

or 19 Technique and 14 Attacking

or 20 Technique and 10 Attacking

Set Pieces: 17 Technique and 39 (mental+attacking)

or 18 Technique and 36 (mental+attacking)

or 19 Technique and 33 (mental+attacking)

or 20 Technique and 30 (mental+attacking)

To install extract the file and place it in the following location...

Vista -> C:\Users\Your Account Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\filters\

XP -> C:\Documents and Setting\Your Account Name\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\filters\

Then just import the file via the staff search screen by clicking on Filter > Edit Filters > Import

World Talent Shortlist

lots of players from around the world who are not massively well known maximum age in this shortlist 25 all feedback


by fmcenter

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