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Possível Bug dos classificados da UCL - Espanha

Guest theodoric

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Bom, eu não vou afirmar 100%, mas 99% tenho certeza que que rolou um bug chato aqui. Ao terminar a Liga Espanhola, foram definidos os classificados para a UCL, Copa da Uefa e a Pré-Euro.

Bom o Barcelona ficou em 1º, Sevilla em 2º e Valência em 3º e Real Madrid em 4º, mas para minha surpresa a equipe classificada para a UCL, foi o Zaragoza, que ficou em 7º lugar!!

Eu venci a UCL, logo abriu-se uma vaga a mais para a Espanha, no caso o classificado deveria ser o Real Madrid, então 4º colocado, mas foi o Zaragoza, que ficou em 7º!!

Essa eu não entendi!!


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Tem cara de bug para mim.

Verifica isso e faz upload do screenshot no endereço abaixo e do jogo salvo também.


From time to time, we will ask you to provide us with more information on a particular bug which we will ask you to upload to our public FTP site. This can be found at


user: ftp-public

password: public

After you upload the files they will disappear, you can only see the directories you can put things in. If you try to overwrite a file e.g. you have named it the same as someone else you will get an access denied message.

Uploading Screenshots

Screenshots should be added to the ftp server in the fm/screenshots folder (As testers don't have wider internet access so I can't see screenshots on photobucket etc). Save them as jpegs preferbly.

Save Games

Save Games should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-save folder

Especially with transfer and contract bugs we need a save before the deal goes through. Preferably you should run incremental save and at worst rolling auto-save.

When you upload the save use the compress savegames or use winzip to make them smaller. If they are still too big then you can (if matches aren't important to the bug) delete the stored pkms from the temp folder and then save the game.


Match engine PKMs should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-pkm folder

Match engine bugs we need pkm files, click Save at the end of a match and can be found in My Documents\Sports interactive\Football Manager 2006\matches. Pkms don't need zipping.

File naming conventions

Save/Zip/PKM name format: your-forum-name_bug-description

In your post include the name for the savegame when you've uploaded it.

Step By Step Guide

All you have to do is open a new browser window (Internet Explorer for example) or click on the link

In the address bar at the top of the window type ftp://ftp.sigames.com/

You will be presented with a window that asks for a User Name and a Password

In the User Name field enter; ftp-public

In the Password field enter: public

You will now have access to the FTP

Now all you need to do is find your save game on your computer, this will usually be in C:\Documents and Settings\<your account>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\games

When you you have zipped your file simply drag it and drop it to the appropriate folder in th FTP window, this will then copy the file to the FTP

Error - You do not have permissions

If you are having problem accessing the FTP in Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options... and select the 'Advanced' tab

Under 'Browsing' tick/untick the option Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)

If you have the option ticked, untick it and vice versa. This should solve your problems

Depois de fazer upload do jogo salvo e do screenshot eu vou postar lá na SI sobre isso.

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Acho que pode ser, mas por isso que eu quero que ele gaça upload do save, assim a SI pode ver.

Paulo, prometo que farei amanhã... :D

Estou com sono e o fervo começa logo cedo... :lol:

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Acho q isso ja aconteceu comigo jah!!!! No lembro qnd, nem onde, mas irei dar uma olhada qnd consertar minha maquina!!

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para mim isso é bug.

até porque se tinha que ter mais um classificado para tce ai na lista tinha que ser o real madrid.

algumas vezes o campeao da copa do rei intefere nisso ou então se um time espanhol foi o ultimo campeao da tce isso também deve interferir.

mas mesmo assim acho que é um bug.

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