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[Fantasy NBA] Rookies Draft 20/21


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Realizado ao vivo via Whatsapp o sorteio da loteria do draft na manhã de hoje.

As odds eram as seguintes:


Após sorteio, a ordem final do draft ficou:

First Round

  1. Oregon City Moonrunners
  2. Team Hulk
  3. Palhoça Bandidos
  4. Moura Dead Bulls
  5. New York Trash talkers
  6. Banned Bulls
  7. Leeds Mobsters
  8. Dallas Kaisers
  9. Leeds Mobsters (via Santa Monica Sharks)
  10. Istanbul Tauras (via Amoba Kings)
  11. Amoba Kings (via Santa Cruz Hawkeyes)
  12. Moura Dead Bulls (via Toronto Dark Ice)
  13. Taboão Dunkers
  14. Palhoça Bandidos (via $udamerica Bohemio$)
  15. Reykjavik Injury Reserve
  16. Toronto Dark Ice (via Caxias Dream Team)
  17. SP Storms
  18. Istanbul Tauras

    Second Round
  19. Palhoça Bandidos
  20. Moura Dead Bulls
  21. Amoba Kings (via Banned Bulls)
  22. SP Storms (via Team Hulk)
  23. New York Trash talkers
  24. Leeds Mobsters
  25. SP Storms (via Santa Monica Sharks)
  26. Moura Dead Bulls (via Dallas Kaisers)
  27. Amoba Kings
  28. Oregon City Moonrunners
  29. Palhoça Bandidos (via Santa Cruz Hawkeyes)
  30. Toronto Dark Ice
  31. Taboão Dunkers
  32. Taboão Dunkers (via $udamerica Bohemio$)
  33. Reykjavik Injury Reserve
  34. Moura Dead Bulls (via Caxias Dream Team)
  35. SP Storms
  36. Istanbul Tauras
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