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Patch 13.0.2 - BETA


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  • Se seu FM foi acusado como virus ao tentar abrir o jogo, adicione o FM.exe na sua lista de exceções do antivirus, pois isso é um alerta falso. Os antivirus que acusam o jogo são Avira e Avast.


    • Improved processing speeds when scouting large numbers of players
    • Fixed crash during match when interface rendering mode is set to ‘GPU Assisted’
    • Fixed crash during match when using quick tactics/shouts
    • Fixed star rating on ‘Detail Level’ screen not correctly reflecting computer performance

      • Prevented ‘View-Only’ leagues from loading in too many players
      • Fixed keyboard shortcuts from disabling when object explorer is closed
      • Fixed mouse cursor hotspot accuracy


        • Fixed transfer centre icon not displaying in FMC
        • Fixed processing bar sometimes not displaying in FMC
        • Goalkeeper and sweeper no longer overlap on Team Report’s Position Strength pitch
        • Scrollbar position remembered when on Player Search, click on a player, and then click [back]
        • If you resize the Custom Search Option subpanel on the Player Search, its size will now be remembered
        • Split View size when customised is remembered

        Transfers & Contracts

        [*]Prevented new signings from becoming released immediately

        [*]Fixed free transfers not concluding

        [*]Fixed internal Director of Football hires

        [*]Fixed ‘Next Available’ transfer date being an option when using the ‘Approach To Sign’ option for a player in the last 6 months of their contract.

        Competitions & Rulegroups

        [*]Fixed players on holiday at the start of a new game having their return date extending

        [*]Fixed training camps and friendlies being scheduled past the start of the league season

        [*]Fixed training camps clashing with club European competition Qualifying matches

        [*]Fixed players attending training camps being available for Reserve/Youth team matches

        [*]Fixed players becoming unregistered for their parent club when send out on a short term loan

        [*]Fixed clash between Fourth Round Spanish Cup and International matches

        Match Engine


        - Fixed bug where keeper would not prevent team mate's poor control from becoming an own goal

        - Fixed one more example of keeper not controlling a backpass

        - Fixed players kicking off not always facing correct direction at start of 2nd half

        - Fixed AI teams not always setting one central midfielder to a defensive duty

        - Improved marking of player running with ball

        - Some ball physics collision fixes including the "hole in the net"

        - Reduced shots from tight angles


        - Fixed players going for the same ball and both avoiding each other leaving ball loose

        - Improved keepers at point blank range slightly

        - Improved keeper judgement coming for ball or making save

        - Improved angle of non held keeper save

        - More last ditch challenges/interceptions in danger area

        - Improved defender positioning in own area

        - Improved player reactions to loose ball

        - Made players in space more likely to try to turn to face opposition goal when on ball

        - Increased use of high risk high reward passes in dangerous areas

        - Fine tuned general pass choice

        - Fixed unrealistic clearances towards own goal


        - Midfields shifting across slightly more when defending

        - Tweak to defensive reactions

        - Reduced potential instances of wild clearances behind own goal

        - Toned down some risky passes slightly from 1303


        - Fix to stop "ghost" goals ( where ball goes in but goal kick given )


        - Temporarily disabled fix for "ghost" goals as its a bit troublesome and causing unwanted side effects

        - Fixed keeper coming to punch ball and then diverting to avoid a collision and hence missing ball completely

        - Fixed some instances of keepers saving ball prematurely and getting little purchase on save

        - Fixed a few bugs causing keepers not to attempt saves when they should do

        - Fixed keepers making risky quick throws or passes to team mates

        - Further fix for defending crosses

        - Slight tweak to speed of longer passes

        - Fixed wrong team getting throw/corner/goal kick after tackle sends ball out of play

        - Toned down long shots taken on weak foot slightly

        Match v1309

        - Sorted out problem with "ghost goal" fix and re-activated it

        - Fixed keepers trying to come out and intercept dribbled ball they have no chance of getting

        - Tweaked direct free kicks

        - Tweaked headers slightly

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